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MIT Electric Vehicle Team

In the summer of 2010 I joined the MIT EVT. I learned a lot working closely with a small group of talented individuals. Working 40 hours week, I helped the team get its electric sedan, the elEVen, running.  I also worked on updating the Porsche 914, learning about how electric vehicles really work (and having fun driving them). I also learned to use new shop tools, and was surrounded by other interesting electric projects including scooters, motorcyles, bikes, and even a go-kart. Below are some pictures I took around the shop, including a skid-plate I designed.
The elEVen hoisted on a lift so it can be worked on underneath.
The chain drive speed reducer for the electric motor.
This is a skid plate I designed for the elEVen to
protect the speed reducer.
I was in charge of finding a sponsor to donate this J1772
port for the elEVen.  It is the same outlet and charger used for
the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, etc.

A collapsible electric scooter built by students.
An apparatus for cycling of the the battery cells to
study long term performance.